Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vacation review

After being soooo nervous about my trip to Disney - it actually turned out wonderfully. We had a marvelous time and hit 5 parks in 5 days.

We left Friday (the 5th) at 1:00 a.m. which was the perfect time to drive I-95. There was virtually no traffic and because it was raining, no construction (hooray).
We got to Savannah exhausted around 1:00 pm and checked in to LaQuinta. The hotel was very nice and immediately me and the kids jumped in the pool (it was hot out!). We swam for about an hour until rolling clouds came in and it started thunderstorming. I was hoping to get out and see some of Savannah, but even though we tried and went down to Riverstreet, it was just too rainy and miserable to do a "real tour".

We ended up trying to find a place to eat that was local and found a real "country" buffet restaurant (not the chain but a mom & pop place). It was really tasty though I didn't help my diet at all with that meal! LOL Fried Chicken, Fried Catfish, fried okra, turnip greens, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, country dressing, green beans (in bacon), corn on the cob and some other stuff I don't remember. It was so good!

My poor little guy had developed a horrible case of poison ivy (which literally was head to toe), so after running out and buying all kinds of stuff (again), we ended up having to call the doc to get a prescription for a steroid which worked great.

After getting up and having a great breakfast at the hotel, we checked out and followed my BIL & SIL down to their timeshare in Orlando. Very nice place called Westgate Lakes. We ate dinner at the restaurant there, Smokehouse Grill, which was very good and gave too much food! :)

Thankfully, there was a Walmart right down the street so we then went out shopping for groceries (and birthday presents and a cake for my niece). After settling in, we sang Happy Birthday and it was so cute!

Here's our schedule for the week:

Sunday - Animal Kingdom - great park with some really cool things. The Safari and Expedition Everest were my favorites.

Monday - Epcot - Soarin' was the best ride I think I've ever been on; what an experience...then the Test Track where you're in a little car that goes fast!

Tuesday - Hollywood Studios - Toy Story Mania was my fave, with the Studio Backlot tour coming in 2nd. This park was extremely crowded though and one of the hottest days!

Wednesday - Magic Kingdom - By far the busiest park, and it was sooo hot that of course Splash Mountain was top of the faves list. Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor was the best too - there was so much there it's totally my favorite park. We stayed for the fireworks finale which was just beautiful with the music and story....awesome.

Thursday - Islands of Adventure (Universal Parks) - This had two phenomenal water rides, which was great for such a hot day (95 F), the Popeye's Barge and Ripshaw falls. I really liked Spiderman too, even though it broke down the first time on us but they let us ride again. Jurassic Park was also down for awhile, but we did get to do it. Universal wasn't as organized as Disney (or clean), and seemed to have problems with not only the rides, but also moving people in and out (this goes for both their parks).

Friday - Universal Studios - I'd been to this one before (like Epcot), but didn't remember much. Of course these parks have expanded so there's more here than 12 years ago. I loved the Simpson's ride the best even though I don't care for the TV show - my husband couldn't ride cuz' it's one of those motion type rides (he gets sick), but me and the kids had a blast! We also loved most all the other rides too - this was a great park. We got the meal plan which worked out for us and paid $74 for all of us to eat all day.

Saturday we left and drove all the way to Emporia, then came the rest of the way on Sunday. Lots of traffic and accidents on I-95, we actually had to detour a couple times, but made it back safely! :)

As soon as I get some pics, I'll upload them.

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